By Laurie Fullerton | Freelance Writer

November 22, 2016 | 2 min read

Save the Children has launched a campaign in the US this week aimed at driving support during the busiest giving season of the year.

The campaign incorporates three iconic nursery rhymes including Row Row Row Your Boat - with a twist - that is meant to remind audiences to think about the millions of children whose childhood is far from idyllic.

The campaign, created by the charity's US agency CTP, "juxtaposes well known nursery rhymes with the reality of children in war torn countries that have lost their innocence," explained Grant Pace, partner and executive creative director at CTP.

The goal of the campaign is to raise end-of-year donations as part of a wider $2m match campaign and help write a happier ending or help an innocent child, 'have the wish they wish tonight.'

"The powerful visuals paired with the familiar music and lyrics give stark new meaning to hopeful rhymes and phrases, like 'life is but a dream," Pace added.

The three nursery rhymes in the short videos are Row Row Row Your Boat, Ring Around the Rosie, and Rock-a-Bye Baby. The campaign landing page also carries forward the messaging and tone established in the ads. It incorporates a number of subtle visual effects to draw the users' attention to the key elements of the site including a countdown clock, animated tiles revealing the match campaign, and a light parallax treatment on the videos that are meant to simulate the urgency to take action.

“Many Americans do their charitable giving at the end of the year,” said Susan Ridge, vice president of marketing and communications at Save the Children.

“With so many different organizations for people to choose from and donate to this holiday season, we believe this new creative concept can cut through the clutter, and hopefully compel people to give back. The ‘Nursery Rhymes’ campaign gives visibility to issues facing children that Save the Children and our donors are uniquely positioned to solve.”

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