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By Stephen Lepitak, -

November 21, 2016 | 2 min read

Globally recognised brands such as McDonald's and Louis Vuitton are set to face retribution at an event which aims to reignite the founding principles of the Punk movement.

The event, created by Joe Corré, the son of Vivienne Westwood, and Malcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Punk by identifying brands that have emulated it within their marketing activities, in turn 'neutering' what it once stood for.

Other brands being that have been highlighted for attention will be Virgin Money and Switchcover.

“Louis Vuitton recreated the front of the ‘Seditionaries’ shop on the King’s Road for a catwalk collection of limp designs including bondage trousers with just one zip. The most disgusting thing Louis Vuitton do, is at the end of each season, every unsold item is sent back to Paris and burned so they can protect their preposterous luxury image. Millions of pounds worth of products every season, year after year. It puts what I am burning into perspective," stated Corre.

In retaliation, Corré will burn his £5m Punk collection at a secret central London location.

Corré will burn his £5m Punk collection

"I can’t stand how corporations have appropriated, castrated, packaged and privatised punk. They’ve literally lobotomised it. Just like everything else that once belonged to the people of this country, the message is punk is not for sale” he says.

“40 years ago all these people thought that punk was disgusting and dangerous and needed to be extinguished”.

He added: “The same people are now having a bit of punk with their tea and sandwiches”.

reignite the founding principles of the Punk movement

The event will be live streamed through a feed through added to this page on The Drum on Saturday 26 November.

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