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By Minda Smiley | Reporter

November 21, 2016 | 2 min read

Last year, Stevie Wonder was the star of Apple’s holiday ad. This year, the tech giant is featuring a celebrity of a different kind in its holiday campaign – Mary Shelley’s iconic Frankenstein monster.

The spot, aptly titled ‘Frankie’s Holiday,’ opens with a shot of Frankenstein’s monster – played by actor Brad Garrett - as he records a music box version of ‘There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays’ on his iPhone while sitting alone in his hilltop cabin. He then braves the snow to pick up a small package before heading into a nearby village.

When he spots a crowd of villagers who’ve gathered together to see the town’s Christmas tree, he makes his way to the middle and pulls out two red and green Christmas bulbs from the package he’s been carrying. He then screws the bulbs onto his neck, pulls out his iPhone and nervously begins singing ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ to his recorded soundtrack as the crowd of bewildered onlookers watch.

After one of his bulbs burns out and a few people in the crowd begin to jeer, he loses courage and stops his performance – but then regains his confidence after a little girl helps him turn his bulb back on and encourages him to start singing again. The entire town then joins in on the carol, a gesture that brings a tear to the monster’s eye.

Directed by Park Pictures’ Lance Acord, the whimsical spot ends with the words “open your heart to everyone,” a timely message in light of one of the most divisive and contentious elections in American history. As people prepare for the dreaded but inevitable politically-charged arguments that are likely to take place over Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, Apple’s message of inclusivity reminds people to accept everyone, regardless of their views and backgrounds, this holiday season.

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