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The Create Britain Video Round Up

This is Create Britain. A hub of creativity and thriving talent.

Post-brexit, we want the world to know that we are still a global creative force despite the rhetoric of politicians in Westminster and Brussels. We still have the same enthusiasm, the same skillset and the same opportunities on offer for creative marketing investors and young talent to tap into.

Create Britain aims to visually demonstrate that Britain is the place to be despite the result of the referendum. Create Britain is an interactive map that will reflect the openness and diversity of our industry, populated by videos submitted by agencies around Mousa Broch in Shetland all the way down to Brighton Pier.

Each week we will feature an eclectic round up of videos answering the question “What makes British creativity so great?”

This week we feature inspiring thoughts from Salamandra, Lab and Underscore:


Christine MacKay, cheif executive officer, Salamandra

When Salamandra heard about the Create Britain initiative we were keen to get involved, and show the world what we, as a nation, can do. We love the fact that this small island, with it's cultural diversity, passion and heritage, has been responsible for so many great creative innovations, and still has a thriving community of art and design today, that Salamandra is proud to belong to. In today's digital world there is more room than ever for innovation in design and communications, to bring together the worlds of business and creativity, and produce fantastic results.

Our concept for Create Britain came about as we thought about all the things historically that have allowed Britain to become so great at being creative - and so a pattern emerged; innovation, through necessary for progress, led to great prosperity for Britain, allowing for the creation of the great buildings and inventions that make up our heritage. This in turn provides inspiration to the great British artists, be they in music, design, film-making, painting or architecture - encouraging ever more innovation, and restarting the cycle. Here at Salamandra, we say long may it continue.

Tom Head, sales and marketing director, Lab

The concept behind our video is that there is no ownership on creativity. The great British creative icons of our time were all inspired by people and places around the world. To continue being a driving force in the world we have to accept the world - openness and inclusion over silos and borders.

Tom O'Connor, creative director, Lab

We wanted to emphasise that creativity is a game the whole world can play, and that it’s progression and evolution depends on its transience. Digital globalisation means more people can get inspiration from an endless plethora of cultures, and it gives us the platform to showcase our passions without the need for privilege or big budgets.

Will Meighan, moving image designer, Underscore

We approached the Create Britain brief with a view to focus in on the creative heritage that the UK has to offer, and the building blocks that it has provided for the future of the nation. Being based in London, we are surrounded by some of the best educational facilities and creative inspiration in the world, and our aim was to showcase those that have provided the genealogy of a creative Britain.

Initiatives such as Create Britain are important now more than ever. In an ever changing global environment, Great Britain punches well above it's weight. It's important to champion our successes from the past, but also recognise how we are building to maintain our prestige moving into the future. For us at Underscore, Britain is the international meeting point of ideas and talent - and no matter what our future holds, it will always be open to those who want to push the envelope with us.

To support the creative industry in Britain, claim your own pin on the Create Britain map by submitting a video on what you believe makes British creativity so great here.

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