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‘Never apologize for caring’: Exceptional Women Out West featuring Erinn Farrell, GM, Space150

Erinn Farrell, GM, Space150

Erinn Farrell has a split geographic personality. The general manager of Minneapolis-based agency space150 divides her time between the Twin Cities and New York offices, meaning she sees both the “Minnesota Nice” and the New York hustle often in the same week.

Farrell has grown with space150 over the last decade, rising from project & creative services manager and SVP business management up to her current position, which she has held for a year.

The cross-US lifestyle has been a big change for Farrell, but she revels in being uncomfortable, since it gives her more confidence in her abilities. It’s something she encourages every businessperson to do – be in a new setting, whether it’s a different position on the hockey team (yeah, she did that) to traveling to a foreign country or just getting out of your comfort zone. For her, that creates human connections, which help push your boundaries of acceptance.

Farrell believes in mentorship and learning from those around you and those who have come before you. She believes in pushing herself to always do better, and fighting for change and diversity in the workplace. She feels strongly that she needs to champion that diversity and a strength for women not just for herself and her generation, but for her three-year-old daughter and her generation.

Being a female leader means being intentional, which she considers an attractive trait. Farrell’s intentions are to be brave, be honest and know that she is always a work in progress.

Exceptional Women Out West is a podcast that highlights and celebrates both the great achievement, lives and POV of amazing women in the Western US and Canada. Listen to previous episodes here. If you would like to nominate women out west to be part of the show, please contact North America Editor, Doug Zanger.