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The Grand Tour producer will judge show's performance using Twitter as Amazon won't disclose viewing figures

The production team behind Amazon’s The Grand Tour has admitted they will not be informed of how well the show is performing after its launch.

As Amazon Video looks to grow its global audience by pushing Prime subscriptions, the company’s been especially protective of its viewing figures, apparently this mentally even extends to the producers of its shows.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, The Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman said: “We'll never know the number, because, even to us, Amazon won't tell us what the viewing figures are."

When asked on how they will rate the show’s popularity, Wilman added: “We'll get it from Twitter I would imagine."

With its disruptive viewing model, Amazon will release the whole season at once, meaning overnight viewing figures (which the Chris Evan’s Top Gear was often so critically rated on) matter not a jot to the company.

Additionally, the existence of its Prime subscription fee means Amazon doesn’t particularly need the show to be an instant hit, and has the benefit of accumulating views longterm – although with a reported budget ranging from £1m - £4m an episode, the company will hope its new franchise performs well.

Wilman concluded: “Over time hopefully millions will watch it, but we've said goodbye to that big figure coming in on a Monday morning.”

The news comes hours after Amazon launched two car crash stunts publicising the debut of the show on Friday.

Earlier this year, The Drum compared the power of the Top Gear brand against the might of newcomer The Grand Tour, check that out here.