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The Ad Council kick-starts its 75th anniversary “#HereForGood” campaign at Do It Day

Ad Council's "#HereForGood" ad in Times Square on Do It Day

For nearly 75 years, the Ad Council has been working to pair the best and brightest minds of the advertising world with nonprofits that are in need of creativity to spread their important messages.

While the Ad Council is behind some of country’s most iconic campaigns - including 72-year old Smokey Bear and more recently, Love Has No Labels – the non-profit organisation came to Plan It Day and Do It Day this year in search of a campaign or initiative that would raise awareness of and garner excitement about the Ad Council among young professionals who are just getting their start in advertising and might not be as familiar with the organization’s work as past generations.

At last month’s Plan It Day, two teams tackled the Ad Council’s brief. At the end of Plan It Day, The Ad Council ended up choosing the team that came up with the concept of “Here For Good,” a campaign that winners explained would coincide with the organization’s upcoming 75th anniversary and would celebrate all of the great work that it has done since its inception in 1942.

Lina Renzina, a member of the Ad Council’s social media and public relations team, said she chose “Here for Good” since it aligns with some of the non-profit’s other initiatives, like its “Champion for Good” series that spotlights industry individuals for their commitment to social good and its “Creators for Good” group comprised of social influencers.

At Do It Day, the team working on the Ad Council brief began to work out the details of “Here For Good” and came up with a content plan for the campaign. Starting on 1 January next year, the team plans to share an iconic Ad Council campaign on social media using the hashtag “#HereForGood” once a week until the organisation's 75th birthday on 18 February. The team plans to partner with social influencers and potentially celebrities to help spread the “#HereForGood” message. In addition to the social campaign, the team also plans to help the Ad Council throw a networking birthday bash in February that will give young professionals the chance to mingle with some of the most influential people in the advertising industry.

“It’s been wonderful to see how passionate the team is and I think it’s something that’s going to continue,” said Ellyn Fisher, senior vice president of public relations and social media for the Ad Council. “We’re going to have a big planning meeting in our office in December to align what we have planned and integrate their amazing thinking into the larger program.”

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