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Blis Golden Shaker 2016: Team Mindshare hopes to top the charts with The Madonna


By Charlotte McEleny | Asia Editor

November 10, 2016 | 3 min read

The next team to present in the now famous annual Blis Golden Shaker competition is team Mindshare with their creation: The Madonna.

Mindshare Bis

Team Mindshare at Blis Golden Shaker

The competition sees nine top media agency teams battling it out to find out who has the best cocktail making skills in the industry, with guidance from world famous mixologists - courtesy of Proof & Company.

Mindshare was this year represented by James Campbell, Sanchit Sanga and Kevin Rooney who made a cocktail with a vodka base.

The winner will be crowned at the final in Singapore on the 17 November but leading up to that points can be amassed by generating social shares, so if this is your team, share away!

While the teams were busy creating their cocktail, we asked them two pressing questions about the future of the industry. Sanchit Sanga took on the task of answering the questions.

What’s the ‘golden’ opportunity in APAC for you?

The opportunity is certainly bringing in some of the Chinese way of thinking; making local players stronger and balancing the powers. It’s an opportunity because it will bring media democracy back in the world, which I think is missing. You have finite choices consolidated within one or two players. More choices means more access to more neutral players and access to solutions that are more niche and vertical in nature, rather than one-size-fits-all.

How would you ‘shake-up’ the industry if you could?

Want digital people to learn traditional media. It’s a big problem, they live on their independent islands and they start believing they understand marketing. They don’t, they understand one aspect of marketing, which is within that one niche and it’s creating chaos because they don’t think like marketers, they think like search, programmatic and analytics people. Doing analytics doesn’t mean you are doing marketing, it means you are doing one small piece of the whole puzzle. I’d rather than teach them the fundamentals of marketing and media, than digital. Cross-functional roles would help because they are so reluctant to learn traditional media. Unfortunately the world doesn’t start and end with digital media. Digital is part of marketing, not equal to marketing.

Visit the hub keep up with all the action from Blis Golden Shaker 2016.

Technology Blis The Golden Shaker

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