Blis Golden Shaker 2016: Team Mediacom fuses cultures with Tom Yumski

The next team to present in the now famous annual Blis Golden Shaker competition is team Mediacom with their creation: Tum Yumski

The competition sees nine top media agency teams battling it out to find out who has the best cocktail making skills in the industry, with guidance from world famous mixologists - courtesy of Proof & Company.

Mediacom was this year represented by Matt Ware, Khairil Fazmi and Nesh Patel who made a cocktail from a vodka base.

The winner will be crowned at the final in Singapore on the 17 November but leading up to that points can be amassed by generating social shares, so if this is your team, share away!

While the teams were busy creating their cocktail, we asked them two pressing questions about the future of the industry. Questions were answered by Matt Ware.

What’s the ‘golden’ opportunity in APAC for you?

For us at Mediacom the golden opportunity is to work more closely with The Exchange Lab, which is the company we bought at the end of 2015. We are going to roll their technology ‘Proteus’ out into APAC and EMEA and it will enable us to work across multiple programmatic platforms through one singular interface. I think that will enable clients to scale some of those walled gardens that exist and add value to the programmatic offering that we have.

How would you ‘shake-up’ the industry if you could?

We had a meeting last week with quite a lot of the creative agencies that we work with. Although programmatic is a way of buying first and foremost, we can work more closely with the partners at the creative agencies to understand the capabilities of programmatic and how that can cascade through the creative and actually utilise programmatic from a creative standpoint. That would be a welcome development.

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