By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

November 9, 2016 | 2 min read

Volkswagen is looking to rebuild trust with consumers after the emissions scandal with an ad leveraging one man's memories of the autobrand and how it altered his life.

The campaign from ENVY Advertising and adam&eveDDB taps into nostalgia, telling the story of Barry and how he maintained his father’s golden Beetle.

Photographs and memories help tell the story of the brand’s heritage, effectively distancing it from current troubles which have seen it branded as one of the world’s seven most hated brands.

Volkswagen looks to channel nostalgia as it charts its recovery with previous ads honing in on this strategy.

Volkswagen Trust

Philip Archer, producer at ENVY Advertising, said: “Because of the film’s personal nature, our main aim was to keep any post work as invisible as possible to allow plenty of space for Barry to speak to the viewer. I think we achieved that and helped make a really beautiful piece for adam&eveDDB.”

The two minute slot was directed by Amanda Blue.

The 79-year-old brand has “a long and arduous road to recovery” and campaign, reminding the public of why they liked the German auto maker will go a long way to mending its consumer relationship.

Advertising Volkswagen (VW)

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