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Samsung apologises for exploding Galaxy Note 7 in print ad: ‘Your loyalty is earned, not given’

Samsung Electronics has embraced the medium of print to publish a series of apologies to US consumers regarding its recent recall controversies.

On Monday (8 November), full page ads were taken out in the The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, penned by Samsung electronics North America president and chief executive, Gregory Lee.

Addressed was the damages done to consumer trust caused by the defunct Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – its flagship smartphone which has in some instances exploded due to battery overheating.

It read: “An important tenet of our mission is to offer best-in-class safety and quality. Recently, we fell short on this promise. For this we are truly sorry.

"We will re-examine every aspect of the device, including all hardware, software, manufacturing and the overall battery structure. We will move as quickly as possible, but will take the time needed to get the right answers.”

“We know you expect more from Samsung, and that your loyalty is earned, not given.”

The company has been facing an unprecedented era of recalls, both through the Note 7 and in the US, with a range of 2.8m Samsung top-loading washing machines.

Samsung claims that around 85% of Samsung Note 7 devices have been returned to manufacturers.

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