Marketing John Lewis Christmas

Kevin The Carrot campaign may not be John Lewis' Christmas ad, but Aldi is prime suspect


By Tony Connelly | Sports Marketing Reporter

November 6, 2016 | 4 min read

As the UK awaits this year's highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert, a mysterious campaign has surfaced which has led many to speculate that the ad will focus on a carrot, however new clues now point to Aldi being behind the stunt.

Kevin the carrot

Kevin the carrot

In the past few days 'kevin the carrot' has begun cropping up in social and some news organisations have received unmarked packages showing the image of a carrot, with the slogan: ‘Legends aren’t born, they’re grown’ followed by the #kevinthecarrot hashtag.

Kevin the carrot also has a Twitter account which has teased Monday 7 November as the day which all will be revealed. Earlier tweets generated speculation with messages such as 'Orange is the new 'Man on the Moon'

This led to rumours that the secret campaign was hinting at the theme of this year's John Lewis Christmas advert. However closer inspection now points to Aldi or Lidl being behind the stunt. Twitter user @Supermarkettweet, who mostly ‘tweets mostly about Retail, Travel & Food’, was the first to suggest that John Lewis was not behind the stunt when they tweeted: "Anyone else think the font on the hashtag is more @AldiUK than @johnlewisretail ??"

Retail analyst and managing director of Conlumino, Neil Saunders, weighed in with: "Yes, Aldi font – shape and riser on lower case ’h’ which is above cap height of ’T’ gives it away!"

John Lewis' ad is widely expected to drop this Thursday, giving more weight to the theory that the campaign is Aldi's. Setting up an official Twitter account for the central character is a similar approach used by John Lewis and looks to be a savvy move given the amount of media attention and engagement it is receiving.

UPDATE- Aldi has been confimed as the brand behind Kevin the Carrot. Watch the full advert here.

Marketing John Lewis Christmas

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