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'Jargon & Buzzwords': Grapeshot VP Kevin McElroy reveals what element of Ad Tech he would deliver a Programmatic Punch to


Grapeshot's vice president Kevin McElroy would give a Programmatic Punch to companies that use buzzwords and jargon he revealed, speaking before The Drum's two day event running as part of Ad:Tech New York.

Speaking to The Drum about his major hates, McElroy relayed his belief that the current programmatic market is "unnecessarily complicated and in need of more simplicity and transparency!"

Grapeshot, which is supporting The Drum's two-day Programmatic Punch event taking place within the Ad:Tech New York content stream, "connects brands to their target audience through the simple use of keywords on real-time bidding platforms," explained McElroy.

"Companies that use jargon and buzzwords to cloud the fact that they can't succinctly articulate the value they bring to the industry," he responded when asked for his pet hate in the programmatic sector.

He also claimed that "a market correction seems inevitable, though this will enable truly differentiated companies that add value to rise to the top," when asked for his prediction for the ad tech sector in 2017.

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