By Jenny Cleeton, Social Media & Video Content Creator

November 1, 2016 | 7 min read

A lot has happened since last month's Plan It Day, when adland's finest came together to work on creative solutions to some of society's biggest challenges identified by some of the world's best known brands.

And on 10 November - Do It Day - The Drum will once again gather the industry in both New York and London to show that marketing really can change the world as we put these plans into action.

But it's not too late for you to get involved. So here's what you need to know.

1. GBBO will inspire less food waste

xAd and its teams are planning to reduce food wastage by incorporating the much loved Great British Bake Off theme with ever popular food delivery services to help get food to food banks and those in need.

2. Coke will use live-streaming to deal with litter

Coca-Cola are looking to confront Britain’s litter problem using live-streamed video. The teams will set up the video on their own microsite while keeping the video entertaining by having their ‘bin character’ perform tricks and pranks on those who litter.

3. O2 will #WalkTheTalk

Removing their socks and shoes, O2, Greengrass and Bing Ads are working on their viral social media campaign, #WalkTheTalk, while creating a Haribo styled advert to question the things women deal with in the work place.

4. ClientEarth will install art from balloons in London

Rather than counting calories, ClientEarth plans to get walkers to avoid pollution with mobile app CityMapper. To ensure the plan changes the world, or at least London, people will be encouraged to share their pictures with an art installation of 100 balloons around the capital on social media.

5. Get to #KnowOnePerson

The perception on refugees is largely still one of ‘fear and xenophobia’, so this year Amnesty International is set to change that, introducing #KnowOnePerson. The social campaign reminds people that we are all the same by sending people with the same birthday a picture and short bio of a refugee.

6. Get ready for veggie pop-ups

With a play on words and another social media campaign, Eat Better Alliance wants to encourage men to eat less meat with their #vegcurious meals across social platforms, with the potential of physical vegetarian pop-ups in a variety of public spaces.

7. Airbnb will showcase 'Local Gems'

Airbnb tasked its teams to transform local neighborhoods into tourist hotspots, resulting in the ‘Local Gems’ app. The app will be launched on Do It Day and will allow a community to share and recommend places to convince guests it is a must-visit holiday destination.

8. IBM 'spotlights' missing people

With thousands of people going missing every year, IBM plans to change the world with its new ‘Spotlight’ campaign, which will use location-specific digital out-of-home and social media to target any missing person within the first 24 hours.

9. Hug a tree

Dennis Publishing challenged the industry to plant 15,000 trees in January and used Do It Day to activate the hashtag-led marketing campaign #treesfortrees. Now, the charity will ask the public to ‘Hug a tree: name our Forest’, which will welcome pictures of people hugging trees and submitting name suggestions for a forest.

10. 100 young adults will meet their future

Placing 100 young adults who are not in employment, educated or trained into a digital work placement can be hard, however Digital Future and its team plan to do so using the social media-led campaign ‘#MeetYourFuture’.

11. South Africa and the UK will connect

Flying a team out to South Africa, DixonsCarphone hopes to create a marketing campaign to promote information sharing between the continents with a film-short, which will be finished and send out on Do It Day, accompanied with the hashtag #AfriCAN and #AfriCannect.

12. Help #KidsWithGrownUpProblems

The NSPCC was wowed by the #KidsWithGrownUpProblems campaign one of its teams presented. It hopes to use Do It Day to orchestrate a PR stunt with Wayne Rooney while also holding counselling sessions for adults to talk about their problems.

13. High street brands will help classroom kids

Business in the Community (BITC) will use Do It Day to form its ‘High Street High School’ where big high street brands will pass on their experience and expertise in a classroom environment. However in a twist, BITC will also use the second team's #SaveOurHighStreet campaign to close high street stores in a PR stunt.

14. The Ad Council will inspire the next generation

Ad Council is launching its ‘Here for Good’ campaign, which will include an array of video clips from some of the country’s top creatives who have worked on the company’s most iconic campaigns to inspire younger generations.

15. Accion will make money matter

With billions of people in the world lacking a secure way to save and transfer money, Accion will use a people-to-people campaign to focus on showing how the nonprofit organisations help can impact a person’s life, showing what they could do with the assistance.

16. Making US mayors aware of The Doe Fund

The Doe Fund will spend Do It Day showing US mayors why their Ready Willing & Able initiative is an asset using the positive impact it has already had and how New York has benefited already, while also capturing the attention of mayors through a hyperlocal search campaign.

17. Changing the perception of refugees

Amnesty International USA will continue to try and change perceptions of refugees; this time the organisation wants people to get into the mindset of a refugee with a ‘one bag’ focused campaign, encouraging Americans to think about what they would take if they were fleeing their homes.

18. Can't make Do It Day, what about a Fringe event?

Teams will organically form and attendees can decide whether to work individually or in a group with a selection of speakers, mentors and judges attending.

19. Encourage creative investment and talent post-Brexit

Launching on Do It Day and using an interactive and digitial map, Create Britain will enable organisations from throughout the creative industry to contribute short videos expressing their unique eccentric creativity.

20. Do It for yourself

Take a step back from your desk and do something for yourself and not for a selfie.

To find out more about Do It Day and tickets to the event, click here. You can also keep up to date on the day with the help from the live blog.

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