Every John Lewis Christmas ad since 2006: a moon, a snowman, a bear, a hare and a penguin

Assortment of John Lewis ads

Department store John Lewis is a leading light in Christmas advertising with its high profile work often capturing headlines and, for some, defining the festive season.

Although John Lewis' financial difficulties are well documented (with profit dropping 99% in a year), earlier in 2018 it brought aboard retail 'partners' with a bombastic Queen spot.

In the marketing space, over the last decade, it has raised the bar, on what a Christmas ad is. To do so, it sinks in excess of £1m into these productions. Behind the scenes, it revealed during its IPA effectiveness Grand Prix win for its previous campaigns, that these works, on average, produce £8 of profit for every £1 spent, and cause a 16% rise in sales. They pay off. But this year it may need more from its creative than ever before.

For years, the company has followed the same formula, with deeply emotional work serving as a sales anchor, but following a reportedly mixed response to 2015's 'Man on the Moon', John Lewis marketing head Rachel Swift hinted that the department store was to go in another direction.

Below are the last 11 flagship Christmas ads from the retailer, in it, you can see the growth and evolution of its creative.

2017: Moz the Monster - Adam&EveDDB

2016: Buster the Boxer - Adam&EveDDB

2015: Man On the Moon - Adam&EveDDB

2014: Monty The Penguin - Adam&EveDDB

2013: The Bear and the Hare - Adam&EveDDB

2012: The Journey - Adam&EveDDB

2011: The Long Wait - Adam&Eve

2010: A Tribute to Givers - Adam&Eve

2009: Sweet Child o’ Mine - Adam&Eve

2008: From Me To You - Lowe London

2007: Shadows - Lowe London

If you can't get enough of John Lewis, here's some Christmas ad pitches some top creatives offered to The Drum, unveiling what campaigns they would run if they were in the Adam&EveDDB creative director seat this year.

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