Morrisons jacks up the price of Marmite after Brexit despite Tesco defying Unilever


Morrisons has ramped up the price of Marmite, reigniting the furor from weeks past over how much FMCGs should be raising the cost of goods post-Brexit.

Tesco’s much publicised clash with Unilever earlier this month highlighted that household brands could increase in price as the pound continues to plummet relative to pre-Brexit levels.

The love it or hate it spread became the face of the battle, as Unilever tried to push through a 10% increase across a plethora of brands stocked at the nation's biggest supermarket.

Tesco pulled products, including Marmite, from its shelf during negotiations and the resulting fury among shoppers led to the pair quietly striking a deal (the terms of which remain unknown).

But where Tesco triumphed, rival Morrisons has buckled as it today (28 October) emerged that it will charge 12.5% more a jar, £2.64 per 250g.

A Morrisons spokesman said: "Sometimes we have to increase prices as a result of costs rising.

"More often than not we have been reducing prices and more than 3,000 products are currently cheaper in our supermarkets than they were last year."

Unilever and Morrisons will not be isolated players in this trend, the pound has lost a fifth of its value in the previous few months which has substantially hit manufacturers on goods they importing into the UK.

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