8 of Paddy Power's best marketing stunts

Paddy Power balloon at Cheltenham Festival

Never one to shy away from controversy, Paddy Power over the years has delivered some of the most memorable PR stunts and ad campaigns in the business. Following the bookmaker's recent stunt to mark the return of Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge where he was twice manager, here are some of its other highlights.

1) Roy the Redeemer

Ahead of Euro 2012, Paddy Power unveiled a 108ft statue of former England manager Roy Hodgson. The structure, installed on the White Cliffs of Dover was intended to provide 'divine intervention' for the England squad.

2) Cheltenham Pants

During the 2013 Cheltenham Festival, Paddy Power offered race-goers the 'best seat in the house'... in a 63ft pair of y-fronts.

3) Royal Babies

In anticipation of the birth of royal baby prince George, Paddy Power sent three giant babies in green onesies to St.Mary's Hospital, with odds on the prince's name.

4) Emergency Alex Ferguson

After Manchester United suffered a string of losses under former manager David Moyes, Paddy Power placed a wax statue of his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson outside Old Trafford. Contained in a glass box, the model was covered by a sign reading: 'In case of Emergency at Old Trafford, Break Glass.'

5) Traitor Tony

During the 2014 World Cup, a punter named Tony who bet against England in their first loss to Italy, was swiftly punished for his Twitter bragging. Paddy Power hung Tony in a giblet alongside a billboard to serve as a warning other potential 'traitors'.

6) MPs getting sacked

During the 2015 general election, Paddy Power delivered a cheeky message on a truck parked outside Westminster Parliament. Claiming that 75 per cent of MPs would be unseated, Paddy Power covered the truck with a decal readin: 'You're getting sacked in the morning'.

7) Juan Direction

During Donald Trump's visit to Scotland, Paddy Power sent a Mexican Mariachi band to welcome him as soon as he landed following a string of high-profile comments the Republican candidate made about "building a wall" between Mexico and the US.

8) Putin your Medals

In the run up to the 2016 Olympics, Russian athletes found themselves caught up in a state sponsored doping scandal. In response, Paddy Power placed a medal amnesty box outside the Russian embassy, urging them to hand over their medals.

Take a look at some other stunts that Paddy Power has pulled over the years:

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