By Katie Deighton, Senior Reporter

October 25, 2016 | 3 min read

Dennis Publishing is back for a second year of Do It Day, hoping to build on the forestry success of 2015 with its ‘Hug a tree: Name our forest’ campaign.

Dennis Publishing challenged the industry to plant 10,000 trees in 24 hours as part of its #treesfortrees campaign in 2015, to put the charitable Heart of England Forest on the public radar and overcome the obstacle that according to the NCVO, environmental charities rank 12th in public donations.

The charity was founded by the publisher’s founder Felix Dennis, a strong advocate of combating deforestation in the UK. This year Dennis challenged teams to take the brief one step further, utilising the existing #treesfortrees tag for a bigger cause to establish longevity in the campaign.

This year Dennis will plant 15,000 trees in one day in January, and use Do It Day as a platform to activate a powerful marketing campaign.

The winning Plan It Day pitch focuses on leveraging the existing assets to drive higher social engagement, since Dennis failed to reach its virtual submission target last year. The pitch, ‘Hug a Tree: Name our Forest’, brings a call-to-action to the fore. The idea centres around the premise that it is hard to get people to engage with a cause they don’t care about, so there has to be an incentive.

The public will be encouraged to submit a picture of themselves hugging a tree, and share it via social with their suggestion of the name of the forest that will be planted. Judges commended the “transactional” nature of the campaign, since each person is in with a chance of winning, incentivising them to take part. The ambition is to reach 15,000 uses of the hashtag on Do It Day, to match the 15,000 trees that will be planted on newly dubbed Plant It Day in January. All agreed social would be the crux of the campaign “because it can go global”.

Winning team: Florence de Caires, Tapestry; ReeRee Rockette, the tree; Toba Shahab, Clear Channel, Emma Mercer, Events Executive, The Drum.

Runner up: Phil Mitchelson, marketing and planning director, Big Balls; Aileen Rushton, STV; Daniel Morris, The Drum; Carine Lombard, The Drum.

You can book your ticket for 10 November here.

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