By Doug Zanger | Americas Editor

October 21, 2016 | 2 min read

In yet another Donald Trump-inspired “thing,” Portland indie Wieden+Kennedy is rolling out the Trump BS in the form of something that Portlanders have a deep love of: food carts. Yes, the self-proclaimed food cart capital of the world (or at least the US — where is a fact-checker when you need them), which leans awfully far to the left, will be home to the Trump stunt — serving up baloney sandwiches during lunch at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, one of the main gathering places in the city.

Wieden+Kennedy serves up Trump BS (sandwiches) in Portland

But what makes this unique is that eight custom sandwich wrappers, that include the Trump (and history's more psychotic emperors) color of choice, gold, debunk some of the Republican nominees’ remarks. The menus are also printed on gold-colored paper and includes a chef and concierge to take ones order. It all looks and feels very Trump yet is an interesting bit of cognitive dissonance in the liberal bastion of The Rose City.

The theatrical creative expression is dead-on for Wieden+Kennedy — and fits well within their ethos of creating things and work that is culturally relevant, no matter the medium. It’s a bit of performance art but, for the people of Portland today and tomorrow, it’s a chance to get a free sandwich and a little knowledge on what fibs Trump has sashayed our way this election season.

Wieden+Kennedy serves up Trump BS (sandwiches) in Portland
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