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Newly released virtual bot updates electorate questions, polls state by state prior to US election

With the US presidential election still 25 days away, polling data is confusing and voters are interested in polls not only nationwide, but state to state. To that end, the online platform Rhiza today announced the launch of 'My Pundit', a free virtual assistant that provides data-rooted, spin-free information on the election.

Rhiza Pundit

Users can ask “who is winning the US presidential race, nationally or by state?” or “what do the candidates think of the flat tax?” and instantaneously receive a statistically accurate, data-rooted answer. Along with polling data and information, My Pundit allows users to access data on the age, gender, income, race and party affiliation of the US electorate. The Washington Post’s fact-checker,, a non-partisan tracker of candidates’ historic and current position on controversial issues, plus aggregated polling data from RealClearPolitics and registration data from L2 are used by Rhiza.

"There are so many polls out there that are conducted with so many different methodologies and it's confusing for an average citizen to know on any given day what to believe. One single poll is never representative," said Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza. "The best way to get a balanced picture is the look at an aggregation of polls. With My Pundit the Rhiza team is helping people find some ground truth with data.”

My Pundit is a version of Rhizabot, an intelligent virtual assistant that allows users to reference data quickly.