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Morning Bulletin: Satnav makers flock to OS mega map, Michael Moore’s ‘October Surprise’ & broadcasters at war over Channel 4 live-stream

Morning Bulletin: Sat nav makers flock to OS mega map, Michael Moore’s ‘October Surprise’ & broadcasters at war over Channel 4 l

This morning’s detailed bulletin starts with Britain’s roads, which have just been mapped by Ordnance Survey in extreme detail to improve error-prone sat nav systems. Elsewhere we take a peek at Michael Moore’s unpleasant surprise for Donald Trump and a row over a controversial Channel 4 live-stream.

Retail mogul Phillip Green is in no hurry to rehabilitate his reputation, according to Retail Week, which observes that the pensions regulator has not yet been in receipt of a ‘credible’ offer from Sir Phillip Green to fill a huge deficit in the BHS employee retirement fund.

AdExchanger meanwhile pins the blame on Twitter’s high-profile sale flop on the micro blogging platform’s opaque identity. With the business unable to clearly define whether it is a media or social media platform, it reports that it is perhaps unsurprising that it has struggled to find a new owner.

Ordnance Survey has produced the most detailed digital map of Britain’s roads ever produced as part of a £3m initiative to chart 200,000 miles of tarmac. The enhanced map will be made available to sat nav manufacturers with detailed information on road width, weight restrictions, low bridges and turn restrictions.

Over at Adweek comes a detailed report on how brands are making the most of Snapchat’s much anticipated application programming interface (API) which enables brands to get far more detailed diagnostics from their campaigns.

Dentsu, Japan’s largest advertising agency, has lowered the amount of overtime staff can take following the suicide of an employee at its Tokyo HQ who had been working excessive hours. Matsuri Takahashi, aged just 24, took her own life after suffering a mental breakdown.

Yahoo chief executive Marissa Meyer claims to have been "heartened" by the "continued loyalty" of users since the company’s mammoth hack. Business Insider takes a rather less rosy view of the stats however, pointing out that numbers might be up as people log-in to delete their accounts.

Oscar winning film maker Michael Moore has announced the surprise release of an anti-Trump film ‘October Surprise’ - as the prominent left-winger launches a one-man bid to dissuade voters from siding with the Republican on 8 November.

Channel Four has been forced to defend its emoji-peppered Facebook live-stream of military action to retake the city of Mosul in Iraq from IS forces, amidst criticism from Al-Jazeera and others that the broadcaster is using war as a form of entertainment.

Consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckisser has warned that its third quarter sales growth has fallen short of forecasts after it racked up a loss in South Korea and stagnation in both Europe and North America. Benckisser’s product range includes Finish dishwasher tablets and Cilit Bang cleaning agent.

The Wall Street Journal carries a report on the ‘deepening’ isolation of Wikileaks founder Julain Assange after Ecuador pulled the plug on his internet connection in a sign of growing frustration with the maverick whistleblower who hasn’t left the London embassy for four years.

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