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Malibu invites drinkers to 'coco-connect' with IoT cup that saves queuing at the bar

For party-goers and clubbers who are sick of queues at the bar, Malibu may have just come up with the perfect solution.

The Pernod Ricard-owned brand has developed what it is calling a "tech-smart" goblet that incorporates internet of things (IoT) technology into the brand's popular coconut cups.

Developed in partnership with SharpEnd, the cups will be piloted in some of the brand's key markets and is part of the its ongoing foray into innovation.

Dubbed 'Coco-nect' the cups contain hidden electronics in the base that only require a simple user interaction to be activated, removing all the barriers of long queues.

By twisting the base of the Coco-nect cup an alert is sent to the bartender to request a new drink. The user’s location is triangulated and then constantly tracked by the bartender until the order is fulfilled and the cup provides continuous feedback to the consumer about the stage of their order through vibrations and pulsing light that changes colour based on the bartender proximity.

The brand recently rolled out 40,000 connected bottles across the UK, which ask consumers to 'tap' an NFC-enabled phone on to an image of a 'Malibu sunset' to win content and prizes.