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Burberry sales expected to grow as Brexit uncertainty continues to devalue the pound

Luxury clothing brand Burberry is expected to announce that it has witnessed a sales increase catalyzed by the falling pound.

Burberry benefits from Sterling conversion

On the back of the news that due to the Brexit currency tailspin, London is now the most inexpensive place in the world to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag, Burberry is one fashion brand that is expected to have benefited from a renewed spend from tourists

In addition to the falling value of the pound making London a more desirable shopping capital for tourists, the UK company will benefit from additional dividends as overseas sales revenues are converted back into a devalued pound.

Several months ago the company said it expected a £90m of profit boost from the falling pound, but is likely to announce an even greater boom on Tuesday (18 October).

This will be welcome news for the company as it faced four straight quarters of sales decline.