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‘Make time for your passions’: Exceptional Women Out West featuring Maria Scileppi, director, 72U at 72andSunny

Maria Scileppi, director, 72U at 72andSunny

Rare are the moments when passions can turn to a career. Those side hustles — the things we believe in — cannot necessarily lead to the promised land of combining work and love. For Maria Scileppi, director of 72U, 72andSunny’s creative residency, when passion isn’t in play, it’s time to make change.

Scileppi landed at 72andSunny, which she calls her legitimate dream job, ironically, after a work trip to Portland where she gave a presentation on finding ones dream job. Her path meandered a bit, but it ultimately landed her in Los Angeles where she and the agency curate a group of makers, from a wide range of disciplines, every three months. 72U is called “a platform for personal growth” and has engaged in a number of interesting and compelling projects that reflect the interests of each class.

A master connector, Scileppi is incredibly collaborative and has designed her life to embrace change. Throughout her career, she has never shied away from taking risks. She’s made big and small changes — and taken the associated risks — all in the quest of nurturing her ambitions. Some of her life and work experiments might seem counterintuitive, but they are far from it, and are part of the opportunities she has created for herself and others.

Fiercely loyal to Los Angeles, Scileppi continues to live the dream in Los Angeles and her work with 72U is a deep reflection of that passion and love.

Exceptional Women Out West is a podcast that highlights and celebrates both the great achievement, lives and POV of amazing women in the Western US and Canada. Listen to previous episodes here. If you would like to nominate women out west to be part of the show, please contact North America Editor at Large, Doug Zanger.