Haig Club looks to redefine whisky in David Beckham Clubman ad

Haig Club has released its first TV ad promoting its new whisky line, the Clubman.

Featuring David Beckham the slot, called 'Make Your Own Rules' looks to break whisky stereotypes, showing party-goers enjoy the liquor in a variety of colourful and interesting locations.

“Our first advert for Haig Club Clubman aims to disrupt people’s pre-conceived notions around whisky,” said: Ronan Beirne, global marketing director for Haig Club.

“With Haig Club Clubman, we are purposefully and assertively inviting consumers to make their own rules on how to enjoy this versatile Scotch whisky. This progressive approach aligns with our long term ambition to recruit new whisky drinkers by breaking down the barriers for entry, continuing to drive the vibrancy and relevancy of the category.”

The slot was directed Iconoclast director Nima Nourizadeh who said: “This film embraces a whisky that is reaching out to the next generation of whisky drinkers. It juxtaposes stuffy rules with fresh alternatives to capture the Haig Clubman spirit to socialise and celebrate with whisky your own way.”