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Nescafé eyes younger coffee drinkers with ‘Swooshy Man’

Nescafé eyes younger coffee drinkers with ‘Swooshy Man’.

Nescafé is going after younger coffee drinkers with a tongue-in-cheek brand campaign to trumpet its Original brand.

Littered with all manner of visual trickery, the ad follows a man with flowing locks who - wait for it - swooshes his way through a shower of coffee beans before strutting down a street to the tune of Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again.

The campaign, devised by Publicis London, will try to empower people to feel like they “can leave the house like a legend every morning after a cup of Nescafé Original”, claimed the brand’s marketing director, Richard Howatson

Dave Monk, executive creative director at Publicis London said: “Nescafé Original have improved what’s inside the jar, so we’ve cranked up the advertising to match. The first telly ad in the ‘Leave Like a Legend’ campaign sets out the stall with some big bombastic daftness.

"We’ve basically taken the first four seconds of someone’s day and turned it up twenty notches, through the medium of coffee, lens flare, slo-mo and a soundtrack by Whitesnake.”

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