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'Don’t be so concerned about what other people think of you’: Exceptional Women Out West featuring Lisa Herdman, SVP, RPA

Lisa Herdman, SVP of national TV buying and branded entertainment at RPA in Los Angeles

Being a working mom is a big deal to Lisa Herdman, SVP of national TV buying and branded entertainment at RPA in Los Angeles. She embraces both with the same fervor, is legitimately a “happy working mom” — with two teenage daughters — and is excited about what’s around the corner for both her work and life.

Her kids are, in her view, the greatest gift in her life. A voracious reader, Herdman studies up on the teenage brain, which helps her understand her daughters, but also helps her understand herself in a relatable way.

“They have fulfilled me, as a person. Which sounds really selfish but I think, because of that, I've been able to give back to them in a really great, strong way of being this happy working mom,” she said.

Though work and life runs at a fever clip, Herdman has found meditation to be critical key that engenders clarity, makes room for more intimate, intelligent thoughts and unlocks balance. It also can take away negativity, that ever-powerful, destructive force.

Herdman, a master negotiator, is never short on wisdom, especially one that stands out: to not be so concerned about what other people think about you. It gets in the way of focus and success and ultimately does no good. Additionally, a good dose of empathy is another piece of the puzzle. These two ideas seem at odds but, in fact, they are perfect mates in the quest to do good work and have an enjoyable life.

Her point of view has carried her through 23 years at RPA — and has earned her well-deserved praise as a leader who does both an amazing job and enjoys it at the same time.

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