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The Drum

London’s tech industry warned lack of diversity is its Achilles Heel

London’s tech industry warned Lack of diversity is its Achilles Heel

A lack of diversity is imperiling the future of London’s tech industry according to a new report compiled by Tech London Advocates, which found that 46 per cent do not believe a diverse workforce improves company growth.

The findings paint a picture of wilful ignorance fuelling a diversity crisis in the sector, with nearly 1,000 of 40,000 firms based in the capital operating with an entirely male workforce.

Speaking to Sky News Maggie Philbin, chief executive of Teen Tech, said: "We need to face up to the fact that we have a serious issue with diversity in the technology industry.

"Social background, gender and disability continues to trip up talent.

"By opening the right doors to help young people and the industry understand both the opportunities and the potential we can equip everyone to become a part of the tech revolution, not just the fortunate few."

Tech London Advocates is an independent network of over 3,600 tech experts.