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Amazon creates more than 100 10-second ads around Alexa

Amazon creates more than 100 10-second ads around Alexa

Amazon has turned to its users to create real-life spots around Alexa and the tons of experiences they have with it.

Each 10-second or less vignette, shows off what Alexa can do from ordering flowers through Alexa after an accidental fire to Alexa checking and reporting back the weather.

“This campaign was inspired by our customers, and the unique, creative ways in which our customers use Alexa every day—just check out our 43,000+ customer reviews on Amazon Echo and you’ll see where some of that inspiration derived from. As it turns out, customers are using Alexa in all sorts of different ways in part because of all the skills and features available—so we knew it wasn’t possible to create just one TV spot that represented this,” said Rachel Hass, Amazon Spokesperson.

“We have broken away from the traditional :30 second advertising format, and created 100+ 10 second spots that will roll out over the coming months rotating through contextual and targeted digital, TV, and social environments. This campaign coincides with the launch of our Amazon Echo spot that launched last week titled ‘Break Up,” Hass added.

These spots also coincide with the release of “The Break Up” which Amazon showcased during NFL games over the weekend. The ad was to promote Amazon Echo, a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms, and more, according to Amazon.

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