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Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan claims that EU was 'very bad' for British business and that Brexit will aid the country's economy

Conservative MEP, Daniel Hannan has told the Marketing and the Communications Director Forums that following Brexit, the British pound was "long overdue" for a crash while eschewing the positives of the referendum outcome.

Speaking to The Drum ahead of his keynote speech on the Aurora cruise ship which is hosting the three-day-conference, Hannan claimed that the EU has been "very bad" for Britain and that it barely covered the service industry in any case.

He spoke the day after the Pound fell to the three decade low against the dollar.

"For the ones who do most of their trade in the UK who won't really have any significant impact at all, the EU has been very bad at service generally. The EU doesn't really cover service and we do now have opportunity to expand into the rest of the world. The really key thing is to look at, not our deal with the 27 other countries, but the deals with the countries that are not in the EU that account for 95 per cent of the economic growth this century - especially those who speak English and have a common law. Those are our natural markets," stated Hannan.

He added that the outcome of the referendum has highlighted the role of MEP's and promoted a larger emphasis on understanding other markets, including Africa, Indonesia and South America.

"Almost all of the predictions prior to Brexit have proven to be wrong. Things are looking up. There is huge optimism about this country. All of the fundamentals are still good — our legal system, our regulatory system — it's up to us to get this right. We now have to pursue domestic policies and it's always opens to us to balls that up but I am hugely optimistic," he claimed.

Of the British pound falling to an overall low for 31 years, he claimed that it was "not before time" and would later claim that critics were comparing the Brexit result on anything that went wrong, including the death of a colleague. He added that the financials were cyclical not one borne of Brexit.

He would also state, during his address to the room, that it was "not beyond the wit of man" to understand and include the issues of the 48 per cent minority who voted against 'leave' and include it in future policies going forward.

Hannan would add; "We have a huge opportunity to steal a march on Americans to say they will have a presumption to offer a visa to anyone in one of these sectors - it would have a massive, tangible impact on our economy," he added of foreign immigration.

Hannan was the keynote speaker of the Marketing Forum, which is once again run by Richmond Events.