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US Creative Work of the Week: JJ Watt proclaims 'greatness waits for no one' in Reebok video


Over the summer, Reebok and Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt paired up to launch the JJ 1 Trainer, a training shoe that Sports Illustrated said was inspired by the NFL player’s “dedicated training regiment no matter the day, the city or the circumstance.”

To create some buzz around the shoe, Reebok enlisted the help of Iris to create a three-part video series that features JJ Watt and the mantra “Hunt Greatness.” While the first two short films feature Watt’s grueling training schedule, the third and final one – which has been voted by readers as US Creative Work of the Week – serves as more of a rally cry, with Watt encouraging others to join his hunt for greatness.

“What does it mean to hunt greatness?” Watt says in the ad. “It means knowing what you want and going after it with everything you’ve got. But the thing is, we’ve each got our own version of greatness. You’ve got to decide what you really want, what you’re hungry for. We’re all hunting something different, but we’re all hunting to become something better.”

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