The Doe Fund sets out its Plan it Day challenge to tackle homelessness, incarceration, and substance abuse

Following the success of last year’s inaugural Plan it Day and Do it Day, preparations for this year’s event are well underway and the latest challenge to be put forward comes from The Doe Fund, which wants to raise the profile of its charitable work throughout the US to help those caught in the cycle of homelessness, incarceration, and substance abuse.

Founded in 1985 in memory of a homeless woman known only as Mama Doe, the non-profit organization has worked to break the cycle of mass incarceration, recidivism and generational poverty which has affected so many New York citizens.

One of The Doe Fund’s most effective and successful initiatives is its Ready, Willing & Able program which provides homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals with transitional work, housing, life skills, educational assistance, occupational training, and graduate services.

By partnering with The Drum on Do it Day, The Doe Fund aims to implement the model in other areas of the country, in the belief that a widespread campaign will address the nationwide crisis which has emerged as a consequence of the issues its tackling.

The Ready, Willing & Able program has already been expanded on an ad hoc basis in several cities throughout the US, but in order for it to be truly successful with a larger permanent footprint the charity needs US Mayors to get involved.

That’s why at Plan it Day The Doe Fund will ask marketers to come together and formulate a strategy which can then be put into action on Do it Day. The task it has set is to better promote awareness of The Doe Fund’s potential through demonstrating the benefit of a replicated Ready, Willing & Able program in any given city.

Plan it Day in the US will take place in New York on 13 October with Do it Day being held globally on 10 November.

Earlier this year, Do It Day was named ‘Event of the Year’ at the British Media Awards. Watch The Drum’s Do It Day documentary here. To find out more information about this year’s Do It Day on its official website.

Plan It Day UK took place last week in London with challenges set by Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Amnesty International and many other brand partners. The outcome of the challenges can be found it the overview of the day.