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BuzzFeed has been hacked by OurMine as group accuses site of publishing 'fake news'

BuzzFeed has been hacked by OurMine as group accuses site of publishing 'fake news'

BuzzFeed appears to have been hacked by OurMine, with some pages on its website containing a message from the group telling the publisher not to share "fake news" about it again.

Several stories on BuzzFeed.com have been affected, with The Drum receiving the below message on a link that was meant to contain a news feature.

The hackers warned BuzzFeed that it has the media owner's "database," adding: "Next Time it will be public. Don't fuck with OurMine again."

The group has claimed responsibility for several high-profile hacks over the past 12 months including security breaches which saw them access the accounts of Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, Google boss Sundar Pichai and former Twitter head Dick Costolo.

Some Twitter users were reporting that hacking outfit's message had appeared on "dozens" of articles on BuzzFeed, but the site appears to have dealt with the cyber attack quite quickly.

Just last month OurMine took aim at entertainment news site Variety and allegedly used its email lists to send out a message to subscribers saying they were "just testing" the magazine's security.

"You may have received one or more emails from Variety with the subject line #Ourmine," the title said in a statement at the time, adding: "Variety did not send those emails; please ignore and delete them. We are working diligently to contain the matter and will update you when the issues have been resolved."

The Drum has reached out to BuzzFeed for comment on the hack and will update this story when it responds.

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