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The Guardian hires in-house virtual reality team to work with brands

The Guardian News and Media team has unveiled a virtual reality arm as it looks to leverage the potential of the video medium in investigative news and journalism.

The team is to be led by Francesca Panetta, executive editor of virtual reality and Adam Foley, commercial strategy director.

The publisher ran an award-winning VR solitary confinement simulator to display the horror of time in the box earlier this year. It will continue this work across editorial, project management, digital development, design and commercial departments with a hope to partner with advertisers to deliver powerful experiences.

Francesca Panetta, executive editor, virtual reality, Guardian News and Media said: “Virtual reality and interactive content offer an extra dimension to storytelling in journalism and we’re thrilled to have been able to create a team that is truly dedicated to projects of this nature.

“The reaction from our audiences to 6x9 - our first virtual reality project - was fantastic, and we look forward to being able to bring them closer to our journalism through the medium of virtual reality over the coming months and years.”

Adam Foley, commercial strategy director, Guardian News and Media said that the in-house virtual reality team will work with brands to harness the technology.

He said: “As more people gain access to virtual reality, it becomes more important for media owners and advertisers to invest in their own presence on the platform and bring their brand to life.”