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Why do brands ignore micro-influencers?


By Ayesha Salim | Content Lead

October 3, 2016 | 3 min read

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In today’s world, the word ‘influencer’ has taken on a new meaning. While celebrities are still admired, a new breed of micro-influencers have risen through social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, and are influencing consumer habits.



These micro-influencers are regular people, not celebrities, who can have up to 10,000 social media followers and therefore the power to shape brand image.

But brands are not focusing on the ‘influential’ value their everyday customer brings - the one that buys their product and shares their opinion on social media with family and friends. They remain enamoured by celebrities with huge followers on social media and believe this is the only way to engage consumers.

So why are these niche influencers being ignored? And how can brands utilise micro-influencers in their marketing strategies? The Drum is launching a webinar to find out.

This webinar will answer these questions and share tips on how to find, engage, and manage these micro-influencers. Participants will also get a sneak peek at the newest Curalate product which enables its clients to proactively find high quality content and influencers at scale.

Hosted by The Drum’s Justin Pearse, join Curalate’s Marketing Director and resident Instagram Influencer @BrendanLowry to explore:

  • What influencer marketing is and why it matters
  • Three tips for building a successful influencer marketing strategy
  • The value of micro-influencers and how they can help you
  • Finding and landing the right micro-influencers

You can sign up for the webinar here.

Digital Transformation Social Media News

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