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Salesforce continues up M&A trail with $700m Krux buy

SalesForce has bought data management platform (DMP) Krux in a deal reportedly worth anywhere up to $700m according to reports, adding fuel to the fire that mergers and acquisition (M&A) in the marketing automation is space is poised to continue.

Salesforce reportedly bought Krux

The revelation comes on the eve of SalesForce’s annual Dreamforce summit, which kicks off in San Francisco, California, tomorrow (October 4), although rumours of the transaction have been circulating the industry since Dmexco last month.

Attempts to confirm them were dismissed, or unacknowledged, by the pairing when approached by The Drum, but several reports citing sources close to the deal have since been published, with estimates as to the value of the deal ranging from $340m to $700m.

The deal comes as Luma Partners (investment advisors with expertise in the adtech and martech space) published its latest research study that enterprise software providers were likely to be large acquirers in the ongoing M&A activity in the space (see graphic below).

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