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Hill Holliday's CCO Lance Jensen gives his thoughts on what it takes to be a great creative

The Drum recently caught up with Hill Holliday’s chief creative officer Lance Jensen to find out what he thinks it takes to be a great creative.

Jensen, who has been leading creative at the IPG shop for more than five years, said that creativity isn’t about puffery – it’s about finding a brand’s true essence and values and then communicating them to people in a way that is “culturally relevant” and “socially significant.”

“You need to find out why that company exists to begin with and figure out a way to connect that spiritual idea to the hearts of the consumers,” he said. “I feel if you can create that bond, then you’re really halfway there.”

Before joining Hill Holliday, Jensen served as executive creative director of Modernista, an agency that he and Gary Koepke co-founded in 2000. Throughout his career, he has worked with brands including Hummer, Cadillac & the Gap. He was also one of the creatives behind Volkwagen’s iconic "Drivers Wanted" campaign.

His full interview with The Drum can be viewed above. Find out what Big Spaceship’s chief creative officer Cedric Devitt had to say when we asked him what it takes to be a great creative.

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