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Russell Athletic, Barkley create digital series around high school football uniting a Native American tribe

Russell Athletic and Barkley have come together to create a six-part series, one of which highlights how a team made up of Native American teenagers bring unity and pride to the Lummi Nation in Northwest Washington state.

Under the leadership of their coach, who is former NFL wide receiver Jim Sandusky, football transcends “beyond its 8-person team. It represents the hope of the entire 5,000-member tribe.”

"Russell Athletic is telling the untold stories of team beyond the Friday night lights," said Berk Wasserman, Barkley creative director, in a statement. "High school football is bigger than a win or loss, even if it’s in state championship. For Lummi Nation, football has become an unexpected tradition to bring their people together.”

The series from Russell Athletic’s #SettleYourScore campaign follows six different high school football teams through their trials and tribulations during the season after losing their state championships by a touchdown or less. The series, according to Russell, looks at how the communities are coming together around the teams and rallying around the game of football.


Russell Athletic

SVP of Marketing - Matt Murphy

Director of Marketing - Taylor Vernier

Sports Marketing Manager - Laura McCaslin


Executive Creative Director - Jason Elm

VP / Creative Director - Brad Jungles

VP / Creative Director - Berk Wasserman

Group Strategy Director - Chris Cardetti

VP / Executive Producer - Susan Neuman

Senior Producer - Melany Esfeld

Associate Producer - Jasmine Henry

Art Director - Matt Slider

Senior Copywriter: Bryce Richardson

Senior Art Director: Graham Greene

SVP Group Account Leader - Bryan Herrman

Account Supervisor - John Dobson

Account Manager - Alex Belot

Designer - Jen Beck

Content Producer - Sammy Greenberg

Content Strategist: Chris Mason

Associate Media Design Leader - Rachel Stelmach

Supervising Media Design - Jordan Stephens


Director, D.O.P: Ben Jacks

Editor: Patrick NG

Field Producer: Noam Harary

First AC: Rachel Batashvili

​Vox Creative

Creative Director: Cristina Cerullo

Head of Production: Greg T. Gordon

Creative Producer: Lauren Brady

Campaign Producer: Tina Braz

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