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Sony uses AI to compose a Beatles-inspired song, the unforgettable ‘Daddy’s Car’

The Sony Computer Science Laboratory (CSL) has made a further advance in the application of artificial intelligence by using it to create a bizarre pop track called ‘Daddy’s Car’.

Created by AI software Flow Machines, the software analysed “a huge database of songs” and then derived the styling and combinations to produce a record in the style of The Beatles.

A total of 13,000 songs were entered into the machine from which a melody and harmony were created. From there, French composer Benoît Carré arranged and produced the songs, and wrote the lyrics.

Sony CSL said that its music research “leads to new modes of access to music, interaction with sound, and human interaction”.

“Applications range from music composition to text or drawing generation. Technically, these systems raise issues in machine-learning (learning style, extracting features), combinatorial optimisation (fitting styles to arbitrary constraints) and knowledge representation."

It comes after IBM's Watson AI was first utilised last month to create the a movie trailer, while Microsoft used its artificial intelligence unit to match classical works of art with Reuters' photojournalism.

Most famously of course, The Drum was the first magazine to ever be edited by an AI.

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