By Laurie Fullerton | Freelance Writer

September 27, 2016 | 3 min read

The giant big box retailer Lowes debuted its newsroom website called "Open House" today in an attempt to take people behind the brand through a mix of feature stories and rich multimedia content. Open House is meant to provide an inside look at the way Lowe’s serves customers and communities through regularly refreshed content in four focus areas (serving communities, inspiring people, fresh thinking and inside Lowe’s).

“We wanted to create a place where we could build a deeper connection to the customers and communities we serve,” said Colleen Penhall, Lowe’s vice president of corporate communications. “Whether people are looking to get a peek inside Lowe’s, a chance to see what’s next in retail or what’s literally happening around the corner in their community, we look forward to sharing those stories in meaningful and compelling ways.”

Along with the debut of the news website, viewers can review videos including the story of Owen and his dog "Blue." Owen is a Lowe's employees and his therapy dog "Blue" were hired some time ago. Owen is brain injured and becomes anxious without his dog and because of this had difficulty getting hired elsewhere. However, the Canadian-based Lowes stores hired him and his dog, too, without much fanfare or 'special' circumstances - a fact Owen is very proud of. As a feature video, the story illustrates a more inside look at the people who make hiring decisions for Lowes, or work on the shop floor. It is a well crafted and touching video that also showcases a company that - without much fuss - hired a brain-injured man and in turn made a big difference.

The Mooresville, N.C.-based company, which is number two by market share following Home Depot, worked with BBDO, its lead creative agency, on its current campaigns. OMD handled media duties. BBDO created a well-received video that aired in April called "House Love" that really illustrates Lowes re-branding and new focus.

"Our aim with House Love is to remind people how our homes play an important part in our lives and in our community," said Tim Bayne, executive creative director of BBDO New York, which created the spot. "Our homes are a reflection of ourselves, and it's love that really brings our homes to life." He noted that opting for a lengthier video allows Lowe's to tell a bigger story about their brand and what it stands for.

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