Galaxy 7 users not returning potentially harmful devices

Galaxy 7 users not returning potentially harmful devices

US Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners are not returning the potentially faulty devices as expected, despite the risks.

According to a story by Recode, only 130,000 units have been returned – roughly 15 per cent of the one million in a recall – even though there is the potential for the devices to catch fire or explode.

Last week, Samsung formally recalled the handhelds in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, and regulators have signed off on Samsung’s replacement Note 7s, which the company hopes will lead to more people returning the devices.

Samsung has stated that the company should have replacements in to retailers by September 21. In the coming weeks, the company hopes to have enough replacement devices to handle the full recall.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that the faulty devices have been linked to 92 incidents of overheating, with 26 reports of burn injuries and 55 accounts of property damage.

Though Note 7 sales dipped after the recall was announced, the effect on long-terms sales hasn’t yet been determined.

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