The global fight against ad fraud: Integral Ad Science CEO Scott Knoll

The Drum interviewed Scott Knoll. chief executive and president, Integral Ad Science at Dmexco for an update on the latest developments in online ad fraud and viewability, two of the biggest issues facing the online ad industry.

In the second of a two-part interview, Knoll dives into the state of ad fraud.

While accepting that the fight against ad fraud is an arm’s race that is not set to wind up any time soon, he stressed that with the right technology, it should only be a stumbling block not a deterrent for brands online.

In the interview, he described how the most effective approach to combating ad fraud is to defend against individual fraudsters by examining each individual impression while simultaneously using big data analysis to find “gangs of thieves”.

Knoll also explores the global stage of both viewability and ad fraud and finds reassuring similarities in awareness and action on both.