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Isobar's Matt Gee on the three golden rules of innovation

Technologies like VR will only reach mass market adoption by brands when the industry works out how to move from storytelling to a commercially viable product, according to Matt Gee, head of digital transformation at Isobar.

“We need a very different type of narrative in VR when talking about our clients’ products and services,” he said.

The Drum caught up with Gee at Dmexco following his talk on digital reimagining consumer experiences.

In the interview, Gee describes Isobar’s three golden rules for innovation.

“Whenever we talk about innovation to a client we ask does it create a better experience for the consumer, does it help differentiate your brand, and does it create value,” he said. “If it doesn’t, don’t do it, as it won’t scale.”

Gee also explores the successful innovation projects being developed by Isobar in the convergence of retail and digital in the physical environment.

The Drum, in association with Integral Ad Science is interviewing industry leaders at Dmexco, Europe's biggest digital marketing show, to discover the latest thinking in online advertising and digital experiences.

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