Ad viewability debate shifts to brand-centric view: Integral Ad Science CEO Scott Knoll

The Drum caught up with Scott Knoll. CEO and President, Integral Ad Science at Dmexco to discover the state of viewability and fraud in the online ad industry today.

In a video interview, Knoll gave a frank and forthright view on how two of the biggest issues facing brands in online advertising were developing.

In the first of a two-part interview, Knoll explored a fundamental shift taking place in the viewability debate from a media-centric to a brand-centric approach to viewability.

“It’s not about the channel any more but about the consumer,” he explained. “Did they see my ad and how many times do they need to see it before making a purchase.”

In the interview he describes the move from a media-centric stance on viewability, focused on which publishers have the highest viewability results to a focus on the format and creative of the ad itself.

The second part of Knoll’s interview, published on Thursday, explores ad fraud.

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