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Wikileaks retracts Twitter poll on candidate Clinton’s health


By Doug Zanger | Americas Editor

September 12, 2016 | 3 min read

Hillary Clinton didn’t have a good weekend, between a health scare and some disparaging comments about her opponent’s supporters. But Wikileaks, the site known for posting extremely controversial material (like a huge amount of credit card and social security numbers, and hacked emails from the Democratic National Congress), didn’t make it any easier for her.

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton was confirmed to be suffering from pneumonia

Even the most unapologetic can apparently have moments of doubt. Wikileaks actually apologized for a poll that asked to speculate the cause of Hillary Clinton’s “coughing fits” and “unusual facial and body movements,” after it was revealed that Clinton was suffering from a bout of pneumonia.

According to Mashable, Wikileaks took down its speculative quiz, which gave multiple choice answers like “allergies & personality,” “head injury complications” and “Parkinsons” in a Twitter blast.

Clinton’s public appearance on Sunday for a 9/11 memorial event was cut short and Clinton was seen being helped into a waiting vehicle as she seemed weak and perhaps trembling.

Mashable Clinton

Wikileaks took down the quiz shortly thereafter, saying it was “too speculative.”

mashable clinton

It was later reported that Clinton was suffering from pneumonia. It still hasn’t made the site and the DNC any chummier, however, since the credit card info of those who have donated to the Democrats are still up.

Media Wikileaks Hillary Clinton

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