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Morning Bulletin: The Archers bullseye, Eggs and Bacon Bay and Starbucks goes stale

Morning Bulletin: The Archers bullseye, Eggs and Bacon Bay and Starbucks goes stale.

This morning’s roll-call of happenings begins appropriately enough with a look at Australia’s Eggs and Bacon Bay as it seeks a healthier title. We also look at how The Archer’s are set to dominate office chat this Monday and why Starbucks has gone stale.

In the breakfast spirit, the Wall Sreet Journal picks up on the tale of Eggs and Bacon Bay, Australia, which is seeking to change its name to a healthier alternative amidst fears the cholesterol bursting qualities of its namesake may be promoting unhealthy lifestyles amongst residents.

Netflix is to air a controversial documentary starring Amanda Knox, the American student notoriously acquitted of murdering her British roommate by an Italian court following a tortuous legal process.

Facebook is under mounting pressure to appoint a content editor amidst a dispute over a censored Vietnam war photo, which has rekindled a debate as to whether the social media giant is a publisher in its own right.

The Archers may owe more to the 1950’s than 2016 but that hasn’t stopped the much loved radio series from setting social media alight at the weekend, following conclusion of a dramatic murder plotline which set #thearchers trending on Twitter.

Ikea has migrated away from flat pack furniture to ‘retailtainment/ according to Retail Week, which reports on a novel pop-up ‘do it yourself’ restaurant and food store in trendy Shoreditch.

109 of the BBC’s best known talents face having their salaries published, according to Business Insider, amidst reports that the broadcaster has committed itself to revealing the income of any employee earning more than £150k per year from 2017.

Ad Week focuses on millenial women with an infographic outlining what the demographic tends to value in terms of work, money and life, reminding brands that not everyone is cast from the same mold.

Campaign starts the week with a gloomy UK ad spend prognosis from Zenith, which has downgraded its forecast from 5.6 to 5.4 per cent in the wake of Britain’s decision to exit the EU.

Amazon and Pandora are reportedly set to launch a new music streaming service which will charge as little as $5 a month, significantly undercutting rivals such as

Last but not least Business Insider picks up on a Starbucks drive to reaffirm its image as a premium coffee outlet, amidst fears that its ubiquity has dimmed its distinctiveness – demoting it to ‘basic’ status which it is keen to sidestep.

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