US Creative Work of the Week: A ‘Safesquatch’ fears a downed power line in campaign created by DNA Seattle

Instead of using scare tactics to warn the public about the dangers of downed power lines and gas leaks, Puget Sound Energy is spreading its safety messages with the help of some stop-motion characters who know a thing or two about what to do in dangerous situations.

Created by DNA Seattle and Portland-based animation studio House Special, the campaign has been voted by readers as US Creative Work of the Week.

In one video, a Sasquatch roaming the forest late at night quickly turns into a ‘Safesquatch’ when he spots a downed power line underneath a tree. After letting out a loud shriek, he gets out his cell phone to dial 911.

Another video shows a pink poodle getting groomed in a salon. When she and her hairstylist begin to smell rotten eggs, they’re confused at first – until they realize it could be a gas leak.

Both ads encourage viewers to call 911 or Puget Sound Energy if they spot a downed power line or smell a possible gas leak. The campaign is part of the company’s effort to position itself as not only an energy utility but also an approachable and helpful service for its customers.

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