Dog who lost two paws is the star of Merrick Pet Care’s latest campaign

Baby Joey is a puppy who was found on the streets with his back paws cut off, a horrible story of abuse to a defenseless animal. The adorable dog with expressive eyes and a will to adapt and live was thankfully taken in by Second Chance Rescue in New York, who helped to get the word out about Joey. Joey’s story thankfully touched plenty of people, so the canine rehab group Water 4 Dogs and Merrick Pet Care helped to rehabilitate and make prosthetic legs for him.

The touching story is being told through a campaign, “Baby Joe’s Best Day Ever,” created by TDA Boulder for Merrick. A couple of videos – long and short – tell the heartbreaking-yet-touching story of Baby Joey and his journey through the process of getting new legs. Those videos are the base for a broader reaching campaign to raise awareness of animal abuse and raise money for good animal causes.

The campaign launches with reactions video, highlighting emoji reactions to the short version of the story. It will then expand to Facebook, an announcement that Baby Joey is Merrick’s “Best Dog Ever” for the month, and then become a fundraiser for Second Chance Rescue and other partners. The campaign will use the hashtag #allforsavinglives from Petco to continue Joey’s story.