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14 - 18 June

How Home Depot is building consumer love with the help of data

Ken Hein

US editor

Shavonne M Clark

senior manager of marketing

Havas Lynx harnesses UVA-reactive posters to protect HSS Hire builders from skin cancer

Construction workers make up 55 per cent of UK skin cancer suffers – healthcare creative agency Havas Lynx, construction company HSS Hire and Cancer Research established a brief to address this.

The agency created UVA-reactive posters, based on the generic construction hardhat warnings, however, when UVA rays reach levels where workers are most at risk, the graphic will transform into a red skull.

The posters, which will be erected around the Bloombery development on Queen Victoria Street in London, looks to protect the 1,200 workers with the visual prompt reminding them to make use of the free sunscreen on offer at the site.

Using specialist photochromic inks the specially designed poster campaign will deliver a “hard hitting, stark and totally uncompromising,” message said Havas Lynx’s chief creative officer, Tom Richards.

“It’s fitting that the poster uses the sun as a medium to deliver its powerful message, ensuring the warning against unprotected UVA exposure comes to life when workers are most at risk. The visual impact is very macabre – precisely the effect we wanted.”

Gareth Lucy, head of brand and PR for HSS Hire, said: “We’re incredibly impressed by Havas Lynx’s innovative approach to the brief, which has delivered a campaign like no other before it in our industry. We wanted something completely different that would have immediate impact – and this clever use of technology and powerful imagery has gone way beyond that."