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Pornhub and RedTube invite brands and creatives to compete for $100,000 in free ad space


By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

August 18, 2016 | 3 min read

Adult entertainment websites Pornhub and RedTube are looking to entice brands with their ad inventories with a creative competition offering $100,000 worth of digital space.

Pornhub Redtube

Pornhub and RedTube competition

The sites, owned by investment group Manwin, have invited businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to compete for their ad space which has the potential to reach their 90m daily visitors - excluding those using ad blockers of course.

Brands are invited to submit potential ads, one optimized for desktop and the other for mobile – highlighting the applying company, product or service in a creative manner. RedTube and Pornhub marketing and sales staff will judge the entries which will have to be under 300KB in size each.

Corey Price, vice president, Pornhub, said: “With nearly 90 million daily visitors to both Pornhub and RedTube, we offer unprecedented global reach and visibility. And with an eclectic user base full of various demographics, businesses that advertise with us are not only able to connect with their target audience but enhance overall brand visibility across the world.

“We’re excited to give promising businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to embrace their creativity and utilize our user base.”

Alex Taylor, vice president of RedTube, added: “Whether you’re a budding startup or a well-established brand, advertising on an adult site is a virtuously untouched, cost-effective way to expand your audience.

“This contest is truly a unique experience for us as well, as we continue to diversify our advertising client base and build relationships in new industries.”

Eat24 and Diesel are among the brands advertising on porn sites. On its entry into the adult space the fashion brand was reportedly trying to reclaim its “edge” with the pornography association.

Both RedTube and Pornhub were founded in 2007. RedTube now sees over 20 million visitors per day, Pornhub clocks over 60 million combined. This audience could potentially prove to be valuable to brands - assuming users are actually in a position to engage with the ads…

Enter the contest here.

Advertising PornHub Competition

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